Sometimes when we look back to our previous life how ungrateful are we..
Learn how to appreciate thing that we have..
once we lost the thing we use to have it will never come back again..
and all of it will become a memory that will teach u a true life..


People always try to find mistake from the people surrounding..
and people from your surrounding sure do the same thing...
why can we just realize the mistake that we've done by our own?
why we have to wait till other people mad at us..
That is part of life..
people never satisfied with what they have..
keep on chasing thing that you want..
after one and another..
until you lost the thing that u ever had before..
once u lost it already, you will start to look back and questioning yourself..
you had such a wonderful thing before..
and you just let it go easily like that..
what a pathetic life when you realize there's no other way to turn back...
Such a life..


Went for Movies this week :)
and i managed to get seat for this two movies..
here some comment..

No comment..
coz i fell asleep right the movie start..
due to tiredness..
paid RM 10 to sleep 1 hour and 30 minutes -.-"

yeaa the movie that i wait since since since before :)
and i have to watch it twice..
because at the first time i fell asleep also -.-"
you noob luke!!
and the second time i managed to watch it till the end..
but this time the story a lil bit slow..
tak mencapai ISO Pirates of Carribean sebelumnya..

p/s-next time i think i should watch horror movie..
so the scream from people inside the hall will wake me up if a fall asleep..


Official deactivated my facebook due to some reasons..
sekian terima kasih :)

p/s-penat suda -.-"
u guys can find me here!/OpLuke

when heart speaks~

Its hard to predict what we're heading for..
Sometimes the path is clear enough already for you to get trough it..
but people never get the satisfactions on easy thing..
They make the path become harder and sometimes impossible for them to get trough it anymore..
Then they will start questioning themselves..
Did i do a right thing or not??
and when u get the answer, its too late to turn back..
tho,just follow the path that have u made..
no turning back, just get trough of it..

Im back!!

Its been awhile i didnt update my blog *sigh*
yeaa i've been busy with a lot of thing..
will be back soon~

Home sweet homeee~

End of Chapter II in my life..
a lot of thing we share we learn we live and thing that we have to let it go..
thats life baby :)
just live ur live to the fullest and enjoy even the simply thing in your life :)
Cheers everybody..

p/s-Business mode : ON
damn a lot of thing i need to manage..