We appreciate someone more when they not around with us anymore..
Sometimes this feeling make u miss them badly..
Reminisce back all the memory that had been build together.
and in a blink there not here by your side anymore..
maybe you'll get hurt when they are around..
Talk,conversation will solve all the miserable and problem..
if you made your decision to leave them, means u lost them for the rest of your life..
Do think about the decision u had made..
Is it worthy to lost them? Can you live without them around?
Consider All Factor (CAF) should be applied in our real life not in the economic only..
think the bout the people around you..
being selfish in your life bring you nowhere..
Do appreciate people around you, and it gonna give you happiness for the rest of your life :)

p/s-People don't APPRECIATE
their LOVED ONE until they realize
they don't have much time with
them anymore

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